quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

Pantín Classic

Um passo de cada vez

Jean Da Silva (BRA) was another standout performer continuing his recent good form since the European leg of ASP events commenced three weeks ago. Being left alone by his opponents Da Silva caught many waves during his 25-minute clash and felt afterwards that his selection of waves could improve leading into the next round.

“I’m stoked with the heat and I just wanted to keep it up through all the heat from the start to the end but I was catching all the waves I saw so if I could wait a little bit more I might have got better scores. I got some good waves but when I saw those other waves coming through I realized I should have waited a bit more. I’m stoked to surf and I am getting better and better and with my best result this year in Lacanau last week I know I can still go better so I want to stay focused and make more heats against all the competitors.”

Fonte: http://www.aspeurope.com/events2010/pantin/news.php

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